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Let your fragrance embody your emotions. Annick Goutal began in 1981 as a small boutique and has blossomed into a true Luxury Perfumery House. Annick Goutal is owned by Starwood Capital Group, with captivating fragrances that are ranked number one by top department stores. The secret of the line's brilliance is the power to transform emotions into scents, enabling the wearer to make a lasting impression.

No matter how large-scale Annick Goutal has become, the line has always remained grounded with the use of raw materials and pure formulations. With ingredients like Vitamin A, Coconut Oil, and Allantoin, the line's bath and body products are as good for your skin as the scents are soothing for your soul.

With parfums, body creams, and shower gels, Annick Goutal saturates your entire body in soothing, enriching, and enlivening fragrance.

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