Bumble and bumble Hair Care to the Stars

"One salon, miles of hair, a few million clients, four generations of models, countless rolls of film, hundreds of brilliant hairdressers, some excellent session stylists, a legion of chemists, a hint of this, a touch of that, a lot of patience and love (which of course can’t be measured) have given these products unlimited potential. Welcome to the revival of styling."

Michael Gordon - Founder, Bumble and bumble


The don't leave-home-without must have of fashion eds, beauty eds, stylists, models, movie stars, rockstars and anyone who's anyone in the 'it' brigade, Bumble and bumble's range of hair fix-its, fake-its and make-its are the most lusted-after styling staples this side of New York. This cult range of shampoo, conditioner, hair foundations, styling and colour support has been used to create looks for major designer shows in New York, Milan and London including Moschino, Fendi and Helmut Lang, magazines, and the Hollywood elite (stylists and stars alike).

Designed to make the most out of any hair, whether it be long, short, thick, thin, curly, straight, dry, oily, or at that stage where it is neither here nor there, this range has something for every-hair to transform, sculpt, tame, treat and revive.


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