CHI Haircare

CHI Tools are designed to meet all your styling needs, from traditional straightening to the latest styles clients demand, obtainable with different plates and sizes.

A versatile hairstyling tool, flat irons can provide a safe, quick, and gentle means to not only straighten, but create other stylish curls and flips to the hair. CHI is line of professional ceramic flat irons which maintain the ideal temperature and ionization to seal the hair follicles and preserve moisture for added shine and vitality. For ease in control, flat irons with plates that are between 1 - 1.5 inches wide are recommended for those with fine, or short to medium length hair. Flat irons with 2+ inch plates are suggested for those with long, thicker, or curlier hair.

The CHI Turbo Digital Microchip Ceramic Hairstyling Iron offers digital technology for precise temperature control and an auto shut off component. This high-tech hairstyling tool has a comfortable-to-hold ergonomic design and the felt ends give the hair a softer feel and further heat protection.


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