First Aid Beauty

Lilli Gordon's long career in the beauty industry brought her to one conclusion: the skin care products available on the market were all doing just one or two things right. The formulas that she encountered seemed to smell beautiful, work well, cause few side effects or take a simple approach to skin care, but none did all four well. She began to wonder why not, and her quest to find a more perfect set of solutions for the skin began. With the help of dermatologist Dr. Robert Buka, Gordon developed the First Aid Beauty skin care collection, a range of products that are well-rounded and of the finest quality.

First Aid Beauty blends cutting-edge science and natural ingredients with luxurious textures for a simple, yet effective skin care line. Featuring multitasking creams, serums and moisturizers, they treat a wide range of skin concerns, like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and aging. First Aid Beauty (FAB) is free of harsh chemicals, artificial dyes and preservatives.
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