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Product Details:
When it comes to nourishing strong, healthy hair, its best to start from the inside out. The Keranique Daily Essential Supplements is specially formulated to do just that. Hair loss no longer has to be a cause for concern or painful surgery when you can recharge the process with safe, sugar- and preservative-free alternatives found in nature. These vitamins truly are essential in jumpstarting your hair health.
Each capsule delivers a scientific blend of vitamins A and B, amino acids, superfoods, biotin and more to promote sustained hair growth. Safe for all to use as part of your daily diet, these supplements supply key nutrients that are needed by your hair follicle to expedite the growing phase of your hairs growth cycle. It comes complete with IBA2™ to help your body better process the vitamins, leading to smooth digestion. The result? Lusciously long locks that every mane will envy. Box provides 30-day supply when used as directed.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:
Biotin: creates new skin cells and promotes hair growth
Niacin: expands the blood vessels, creating better blood circulation to nourish the hair and scalp, and stimulate hair growth
Calcium: helps expedite hair growth and prevent hair loss
Superfoods: feed the follicles with antioxidants and protein for stronger, healthier hair
B-complex Vitamins: provide the body with energy by converting food into fuel and promote healthy hair growth

How to Use:
In addition to the daily diet, take 1 package of 2 capsules with a meal or as directed by your health care professional.
Once open, most effective when used within 12 months.

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