Kyoku for Men

Kyoku for Men spawned from skin care veteran Asim Akhtar, who grew up in a family that has been involved with the beauty industry for nearly half a century. It was his upbringing that produced his quest innovation, iconic fragrances and technological advancements. This only pushed him to continue his family tradition and travel the world to gain insight and inspiration.

Upon arriving in Yuzuri Hara, a village outside of Tokyo, he quickly recognized the need to discover the youthful benefits of this small village. Also known as 'villiage of long life,' Yuzuri Hara's population had an astounding 10% of its population over 80 years old. Discovering that it was their diet and lifestyle that led to healthy, strong skin he immediately went to work with the natural ingredients, so that their full potential could be realized. With that he also developed a delivery mechanism which delivers each ingredient into the skin so that the user could reap its full benefits.

Asim Akhtar has revolutionized men's skin care and has been able to develop easy and potent formulas that address male-specific skin issues. Each product can be utilized for many different uses, eliminating the need for other unnecessary products. Men's skin care has now been brought to the forefront in a modern and attainable way.

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