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Lifeline Skin Care's anti-aging products are the end result of scientific discoveries translated into high-technology, patent-pending formulations. Critical "messaging molecules" (or proteins) are extracted from human, non-embryonic stem cells. These proteins instruct neighboring cells to divide, creating a proliferation of new skin cells. These bioactive growth factors are delivered through a bi-layer lipid that preserves their potency and activity, and ensures stability and penetration into the skin.

Lifeline Skin Care (parent company, ISCO) discovered how to create human non-embryonic stem cells and take extracts from them. The non-embryonic stem cells in Lifeline stem cell serums come from unfertilized human oocytes (eggs) that have been donated to ISCO from in vitro fertilization labs and clinics. Thus, there is no ethical concern that a viable human embryo was damaged or destroyed to create these phenomenal anti-aging products.

Daily Defense Complex is a lightweight formulation that combines the power of DNA repair enzymes with bioactive growth factors to target and reverse cell dysfunction, while protecting skin from the onslaught of daily stressors. Your skin will be firmer, more toned and protected from future damage.

Eye Firming Complex repairs the sensitive eye area and significantly reduces the visible signs of aging using a combination of proteins, peptides and growth factors. Concentrated nutrients target puffiness and dark circles to reveal fresher, younger-looking eyes.
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