Mama Mio | Pampering Skin Care During and After Pregnancy

Based entirely around the beauty of women and the superpowers of mothers around the world, Mama Mio provides the ultimate skin and body care. From dry skin, stretch marks, and swollen ankles, to stressed senses and aching muscles, Mama Mio has a full line of products to treat every skin type and condition.

Mama Mio was founded by three hardworking supermoms, Sian, Kathy, and Tanya. Between them, they have 40 years of experience in the beauty industry and 62 years of experience as mothers. Mama Mio was created to help find a solution to save their skin from stretch marks during pregnancy. The research resulted in the powerful Tummy Rub Oil. Today, Mama Mio is one of the most trusted names in body and beauty products for pregnancy and beyond.

Believing that true beauty is all about confidence, Mama Mio has created products that give women back their glow, even when they’re feeling uncomfortable. Products such as the Emergency Repair Kit allow you to get your pre-baby body back in no time, while pampering and protecting your skin.
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