PATYKA embodies the French-style aesthetics, a concentration of internationally acclaimed know how bearing witness to timeless luxury. PATYKA searches and selects the most precious formulas and ingredients, while respecting Nature, to offer Natural Excellence:

A unique experience that dispels any complexes. A genuine balance between pleasure, innovation and efficacy that unveils the beauty of each woman. Patyka brings your Beauty to life. A shining, glowing, personified and remarkable beauty. La Beauté Remarquable.

"There is a Parisian brand that dispels complexes and makes women and female pleasures the focal point of its strategy." This brand is the fruit of years of research and daily toil to highlight what it means "to feel beautiful", creating a harmonious blend of beauty, pleasure, efficacy and responsibility. This Unique and exclusive brand is none other than PATYKA, a brand that bridges luxury with organic. Always striving to be innovative, Patyka often replaces industry standard "aqua" with plant or floral water, such as rose or raspberry water. Their packaging is state of the art yet user friendly.

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