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Opulence. Exclusivity. Artistry. Service. These are the cornerstones on which William Penhaligon first built his business. Pioneering perfumery. Heirloom trinkets. Eccentric English whimsies. It all started with a rough, calloused, grimy pair of hands. Amid the dirt and the grit of the artisans workshop delicate objects of glittering light take form, fashioned by the roughest, yet most fastidious of hands. Skilled craftsmen still work on Penhaligon's crystal scent bottles and silver dressing table accessories. Glass is hand blown in traditional heavy style and then cut by hand with a diamond wheel. The silver tops are crafted by British silversmiths, who have been creating such trinkets for century upon century. And of course there's the perfumes. Penhaligon's is one of the few true perfume houses in the world: designing and making its own scents, going to great lengths to achieve precise effects. Only fine and rare ingredients are used, such as hand-squeezed oil of bergamot and jasmine oil at twice the price of gold. Twenty-two unique fine fragrances evoke a magical world of decadence and delight to be discovered. The whimsical little bottles of scent have become the handbag accessories of the 21st century, and as one of the last traditional perfume houses left in the modern world, a Penhaligon’s fragrance has all the cachet and romance of a great vintage find.
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