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Enjoy the simplicity of ancient tradition, the comfort of the seas, and the beauty of modern skin care. Pure Fiji is based out of the South Pacific where luxurious and revered flowers, nuts, and oils grow in abundance. Designed to embody the spirit of the islands, Pure Fiji combines the pride and knowledge of its ancestors with the best modern technology to provide modern skin care with a traditional twist.

Pure Fiji boasts a full line of skin and body care products from facial care to body care. Exotic and power-packed ingredients such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Dilo Oil, and Macadamia Oil, hydrates, smooths, and perfectly tones the skin. With products such as the Nourishing Exotic Oils and Coconut Milk Shower Gels, your skin will feel and look better.

Pure Fiji is also very aware of the impact it might have on the environment, so it seeks to be eco-friendly in every way possible. Solar dryers are used, the benefits of oils are preserved because they are cold-pressed, and employee uniforms are air-dried to eliminate excess use of electricity. With free planting programs and a passion for performance, Pure Fiji promises a positive impact on both the customer and the environment.
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