Vichy Spa Skin Care

Since conception in 1931, Vichy has been marked as a truly cutting-edge skin care line with their targeted approach of making health their focal point. Their medical-based research and active ingredients work to enhance and transform the skin. Along with staying current in skin care breakthrough technology, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are at the core of their formulations to give you visible results.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of skin care, Vichy, extends their knowledge past immediate effects into long-lasting benefits. As one of the leading brands in Europe, they test their products on 5000 people each year to ensure their commitment to healthy skin and effective products.

Their line features the exclusive Vichy Thermal Spring Water in all of their products, which has been recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its exceptional soothing and fortifying properties. Each of their 10 diverse lines fit the needs and wants of every skin type, producing dramatic, safe and innovative formulas for beautiful skin.
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